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      Arri – K4.0007585 – SXT UPGRADE 13/14 (PLUS)
      • Arri – K4.0007585 – SXT UPGRADE 13/14 (PLUS)

      Arri - K4.0007585 - SXT UPGRADE 13-14 (PLUS)


      An upgrade for ALEXA XT Plus camera body to ALEXA SXT Plus camera body that replaces internal electronics boards, the XR module on the camera left side and the Plus right side electronics cover. Includes all ALEXA SXT Plus features, name plate and future upgrade potential. The new electronics allow in-camera recording of ProRes 4K, improved image quality, ASC CDL, 3D LUTs and three independent HD-SDI outputs. The new SXR Module allows recording of ARRIRAW or ProRes onto SXR Capture Drives or XR Capture Drives. It also allows recording of ProRes onto Cfast 2.0 cards, SxS PRO cards or SxS PRO cards. Please note that each medium needs ist own adapter. Includes : - SXR Adapter (for use with SXR Capture Drives) - XR Adapter (for use with XR Capture Drive) - ACOM3, APIC2 and ALOG2 boards - SXR Module (new left side cover with media slot and 'ALEXA SXT' name plate) - SXT Cover (new Plus right side electronics cover with 'ALEXA SXT Plus' name plate) - Upgrade labor Note 1: SXR Capture Drives, XR Capture Drives, SxS Adapter 2, SxS PRO cards, SxS PRO cards, CFast 2.0 Adapter 2, CFast 2.0 cards, docks or the XR Module Top Cover Set are not included and can be ordered separately. Note 2: No changes are made to EVF-1, magazines or accessories. Note 3: Warranty applies only to new parts, ARRI keeps old parts. Note 4: Upgrade can be performed by ARRI Digital Camera Service Center in Munich, London, Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong and Mumbai. Please contact ARRI service to purchase this article and schedule an update appointment.

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