VISION RESEARCH PHANTOM FLEX 128GB Camera set with Mags Contact us
ARRI ALEXA MINI LF Demo unit Contact us
ARRI ALEXA MINI Licensed camera, around 3000 hrs, with some accessories (available in February) EURO 35.000,00
ARRI ALEXA LF Camera full set Contact us
ARRI ALEXA CLASSIC Complete set with HS licensePlus, XT, XR and SXT version available Starting from EURO 8.500,00
ARRI AMIRA Several available Starting from EURO 14.000,00
SONY VENICE Full camera set Contact us
SONY PMW-F5 Body with 1850 hours, no 4K, PL adaptor and more accessories EURO 3.500,00
SONY PMW-F55 Full camera set, 500 hrs, 6 months warranty EURO 7.500,00
SONY F65 Full camera set, low hours, pristine conditions EURO 6.000,00
CANON EOS C700 Camera + OLED Viewfinder EVF V70 EURO 22.000,00
CANON EOS C300 MKII Camera, Battery and Charger EURO 4.750,00
CANON EOS C500 PL mount, 500 Hrs EURO 2.900,00
PANASONIC VARICAM 35 Camera (around 500 hrs) set complete with accessories EURO 6.500,00
PANASONIC AU-EVA1 Camera with 220 hrs only, Zacuto, 3 batteries and charger EURO 3.650,00
RED EPIC DRAGON 6K Camera set EURO 13.900,00
RED ONE MX Camera set EURO 4.000,00
COOKE S7/i BRAND NEW Set of 7 lens EURO 125.000,00
COOKE S4/i Set of 5 lens EURO 49.000,00
COOKE S3/i Set of 7 mixed rehoused lens S2/i and S3/i Contact us
CANON K35 TLS rehoused set of 5 EURO 195.000,00
ANAMORPHIC SET Hawk, Kowa, Arri or Lomo set available Contact us
LEICA SUMMICRON-C 5-lens set (16, 24, 35, 50 and 85) EURO 35.000,00
LEICA SUMMILUX-C Set of 10 like new lenses EURO 225.000,00
ARRI / ZEISS MASTER PRIMES 8-lens set EURO 125.000,00
ARRI / ZEISS ULTRA PRIMES Full lens set (minimum sale of 5 lenses) Starting from EURO 29.000,00
CANON FJS SET 1 Vintage set, never used EURO 5.000,00
THALIA Set of 5 or 3 lenses Contact us
ARRI ALURA 15.5-45 Used for rental, sold in pair with Alura 30-80 Contact us
ARRI ALURA 30-80 Used for rental, sold in pair with Alura 15.5-45 Contact us
ARRI ALURA 45-250 Used (having some aesthetic signs, but glass and mechanic are perfect) EURO 15.500,00
ARRI ALURA 45-250 Excellent conditions EURO 18.000,00
ANGENIEUX OPTIMO 24-290 Good conditions EURO 29.500,00
ANGENIEUX OPTIMO 28-340 Good conditions EURO 32.500,00
ANGENIEUX OPTIMO 45-250 Good conditions EURO 22.000,00
CANON CN-E 15.5-47 PL or EF lens EURO 8.500,00
CANON CN-E 30-105 PL or EF lens EURO 8.500,00
CANON CN7X17 (17-120 MM) Zoom lens EURO 14.900,00
CANON CN20X50 (50-1000 MM) Brand new EURO 50.000,00
FUJINON 19-90 CABRIO ZOOM V1 or V2 available Starting from EURO 7.000,00
FUJINON 20-120 CABRIO ZOOM Excellent conditions EURO 9.500,00
FUJINON 25-300 CABRIO ZOOM Used shape, but working fine EURO 19.500,00
SONY HXC-100 Complete chains, only a few available EURO 12.500,00
SONY HDC-4300 Complete chain Contact us
SONY HDC-3300R Complete chain EURO 17.000,00
SONY HDC-1500 Complete fiber or triax chains, several available Starting from EURO 11.000,00
SONY HDC-1450 Complete triax chains, several available EURO 14.000,00
GRASS VALLEY LDK-3000 Complete chains with Fisher connectors, 5 available EURO 7.900,00
GRASS VALLEY LDK-6000 Complete chains with Fisher connectors, several available Starting from EURO 6.000,00
GRASS VALLEY LDK-8000 Complete fiber or triax chains, several available Starting from EURO 7.000,00
GRASS VALLEY LDK-8300 Complete chain EURO 15.500,00
GRASS VALLEY LDX-86 Complete chains with both VF Contact us
SONY PXW-FS7M2K 350 hrs, Mint condition, 12 months warranty EURO 9.950,00
SONY PXW-FS7 1200 hrs, no lens EURO 3.500,00
SONY PXW-X400 Low hours, with VF EURO 9.500,00
SONY PXW-X500 510 hours,  with CBK-VF02,V 6.10 EURO 10.500,00
SONY PXW-Z450 Low hours, complete with VF Contact us
SONY PDW-680 Camera with HDVF, around 1000 hrs EURO 4.200,00
SONY PDW-700 Over 2000 hrs, with VF EURO 3.400,00
SONY PDW-F800 Over 2000 hrs, with VF EURO 4.500,00
SONY PMW-300K1 Excellent condition, full accessory set, 6 months warranty EURO 4.000,00
SONY PMW-350L With VF, around 1500 hrs EURO 4.800,00
SONY PMW-400L With VF and lens, around 750 hrs (3 available) EURO 7.000,00
SONY PXW-X200 Camcorder complete with accessories Contact us
SONY HDW-750 Camera and VF EURO 1.250,00
PANASONIC AG-UX180 3 available Contact us
PANASONIC AJ-HPX3100 140x10 Hrs, with VF EURO 3.500,00
PANASONIC AJ-HPX3700 Excellent conditions EURO 3.750,00
CANON XJ86X9.3BMKII With remotes and flight case, full serviced at TLS (Feb 2020) EURO 27.500,00
CANON XJ72X9.3B With remotes and flight case EURO 22.000,00
CANON XJ60X9.3B With remotes and flight case EURO 18.000,00
CANON HJ40X14 BIASD-V Full kit with support and remote EURO 19.000,00
CANON HJ14EX4.3BIRSE HD lens EURO 6.500,00
CANON HJ11EX4.7BIRSE HD lens EURO 3.900,00
CANON HJ17x7.6BIASE One serviced lens EURO 2.900,00
CANON HJ22EX7.6BIRSE HD lens EURO 6.500,00
CANON HJ21X7.5BIRSD HD lens EURO 4.500,00
FUJINON HA20x7.5BERD 2 serviced lenses available EURO 3.500,00
FUJINON HA18X7.6BERD HD lens EURO 4.800,00
FUJINON HA17x7.8BERD-S28 HD lens EURO 2.800,00
FUJINON HA16X6.3BERD HD lens EURO 2.500,00
FUJINON HA10x5BEZM HD lens EURO 2.500,00
CANON J33AX11B4IAS With remotes and support EURO 5.900,00
FUJINON A55X9.5 Used but working good EURO 6.500,00
FUJINON A36X8 With remotes and plate EURO 9.000,00
CINE DOLLY Dario, Super Falcon and Capinera availableAll refurbished, with 12 months warranty Starting from EURO 18.000,00
O’CONNOR 2575D With Cine HD short and long legs - Demo unit Contact us
VINTEN VISION 250 3 available EURO 3.900,00
VINTEN VISION 10AS Brand NEW (1 avaialble) - bergaim! EURO 2.900,00
VINTEN QUATTRO Grey version, no head - Excellent condition EURO 5.500,00
VINTEN FULMAR Pedestal only Contact us
VINTEN Vision 22 Tripod set EURO 1.600,00
SACHTLER VIDEO 18P Tripod set EURO 3.000,00
SACHTLER VIDEO 20P Tripod set EURO 3.250,00
SACHTLER VIDEO 25P Tripod set EURO 3.000,00
SACHTLER VIDEO 30P Tripod set EURO 3.500,00
SACHTLER VIDEO 60P Tripod set EURO 3.900,00
FILMOTECHNIC FLIGHT HEAD Mini, 5 and Compact version available Contact us
JIMMY JIB TRIANGLE SERIES 4B 30ft long Jib EURO 17.500,00
EVS XT-2 6 channel HD, full configuration EURO 25.000,00
EVS XT-3 8 channel HD, full configuration, 2 controllers EURO 65.000,00
NEWTEK TRICASTER 860 No Panel EURO 4.500,00
SONY MVS-8000G Configuration on request EURO 15.000,00
SAM KULA Like new, bought in 2019 EURO 23.000,00
SONY PVM-X550 3 months warranty, escellent conditions EURO 7.500,00
JVC TM-H1750CG With SDI board EURO 300,00
AVIWEST DP180 Wireless Transmission System EURO 7.000,00
SONY HDC-P43 3 months warranty, escellent conditions EURO 23.500,00
SONY BRC-H900 Used Pan-Tilt Camera Contact us
SONY HDLA-1505 Several available EURO 1.800,00
SONY RCP-1000//U EURO 1.400,00
SOUND DEVICES 788T With CL8 EURO 4.000,00
SOUND DEVICES 688 Recorder with PS EURO 3.500,00
TELECINE Full working suite available EURO 45.000,00
BLACKMAGIC PRODUCTION FLYPACK Portable solution in pristine conditions EURO 4.800,00

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