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      2-Wide 4K Flypack

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      The 2-Wide 4K Flypack is available with up to six cameras, instant replay, title generator and internet encoder. It is designed to be "failsafe" for mission critical broadcasting.


      2-Wide 4K Flypack

      Cameras: TV Pro Gear’s 2-Wide Broadcast Flypack can be specified with Sony, Panasonic or JVC cameras. Robotic cameras are also available. The cameras are connected to the Flypack by multi-core or optional fiber optic cable.

      Recorders: Customers choose from a variety of tapeless recording formats including AJA Ki Pro, Black Magic SSD or Sony XD-Cam.

      Switchers: TV Pro Gear 2-Wide Broadcast Flypacks are available with 8 to 12 Input For-A or Panasonic one M/E switchers featuring mix/wipes, multiple luminance and chroma keyers, and PIP.

      Titles/Graphics: Title/Graphics generators are available from Chyron, Ross or Harris. One or two channels are provided depending on requirements.

      Replay/Slow-Motion: A six channel Instant Replay/Slow-Motion system from Newtek.

      Intercom: The TV Pro Gear 2-Wide Broadcast Flypacks come standard with a Clearcom 2-Channel Intercom. 4-Channel systems and IFB for cuing talent are optional. Customers can also specify RTS/Telex.

      Mixers & Mics: The 2-Wide Broadcast Flypak comes with a 16-Input Mackie audio mixer. Up to eight Sennheiser wireless microphones are optional. An 8X4 stagebox with a 100’ snake is standard.

      Routing/Distribution: All devices in the 2-Wide Flypak are connected to a 40 by 40 HD-SDI video router for easy signal assignment. The access panel on the back of the Flypak enables users to feed signals to stage monitors and projectors.

      Video Formats: All formats of both standard and high definition can be input or outputted – including component, composite, SDI, HDMI and DVI. All TV Pro Gear Flypaks are menu switchable between 1080i and 720p. They can even shoot in PAL and NTSC if required.
      Internet Encoder: A TV Pro Gear built h.264 encoder is optional for streaming video to the Internet in HD. This is the same encoded we used to stream network programs for NBC. So you can be assured your streaming video quality will be second to none.

      Power & Backup: The Flypak draws less than 10 amps so it can be plugged into any standard outlet. Should you lose power, the Flypak can run up to one hour on battery backup. TV Pro Gear Flypacks are auto switchable from 120V to 220V.

      Setup Time: Setup time is drastically reduced because all of the components are contained in a single jig-welded, shock mounted steel frame. This drastically reduces setup time. In fact, typical time from arrival at the location to being ready to shoot is less than fifteen minutes.

      Reliability: Flypacks built by other companies use multiples cases that have multiple cables that must be connected once you arrive at your shooting location. Inevitably, these cables wear out, get damaged or get lost resulting in frustrating delays.

      Accessory Case: The Flypak comes with an accessory case that holds the cameras, tripods, cable reels, microphones and headsets. So, with only two boxes you can shoot anywhere in the world.

      Training: Flypack buyers receive in-depth training on all components and the system as a whole. In addition, they are provided with a full set of CAD drawings and manuals (both written and online).

      Warranty/Support: Every component in the Flypack and the system as a whole is warranted for 1-year. Extended warranties are available. Our support team is available 24/7.

      TV Pro Gear’s 2-Wide Broadcast Flypacks are surprisingly affordable, highly reliable and easy to use. To get a quote on a system customized to

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      2-Wide 4K Flypack

      The 2-Wide 4K Flypack is available with up to six cameras, instant replay, title generator and internet encoder. It is designed to be "failsafe" for mission critical broadcasting.

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