New Sony Venice Camera System!

Posted by: - 29/09/2017

New Product Alert: Sony Venice Camera System is coming!

Sony introduces this next generation motion picture camera system, the Sony Venice. It features a  forward thinking full frame sensor, an astounding colour science and a very user-friendly operation!

sony venice


36x24mm Full-Frame Sensor for cinema

The Sony VENICE has a 36x24mm full-frame image sensor, designed for the high end cinematography demands, it can capture images up to a maximum resolution of 6048 x 4032*. If you switch imager modes, VENICE can support Super35 24.9×18.7mm, 4096 x 3024 resolution (equivalent to 4-perforation motion picture film) and Super35 24.9×14.0mm 4096 x 2160 resolution (equivalent to 3-perforation motion picture film).


The Sony VENICE’s new full-frame sensor can support almost any format, including full 18mm-height Super35 Anamorphic and spherical and full-frame 24mm-height Anamorphic and spherical*.

Almost any aspect ratio can be conjured up: 1.85:1, 2.39:1, 17:9, the list goes on for other models.

With this product, Sony wants to give its users the option to customize their camera, only enabling the simple features needed that are provided.

Compact and Intuitive

Sony VENICE has a very compact design for such a camera system, this allows easier shooting in small spaces or on drones. VENICE’s control buttons are very camera operator-friendly, positioned for fluid and easy operation. They illuminate for easier use on dark sets. VENICE is powered by both 12 V and 24 V power sources that can be connected at the rear. Many accessories are supported, like standard Fischer connectors.

For enhanced durability in tough conditions, the viewfinder uses a LEMO connector.

High Performance, Proven Recording Formats

The Sony VENICE offers complete production flexibility. Internally, VENICE can support XAVC, ProRes or MPEG HD recording onto SxS memory card. Additionally, by using the AXS-R7 recorder, it can record 16 bit RAW or X-OCN (16-bit eXtended tonal range Original Camera Negative) onto AXS memory card.