New Spare Parts System!

Posted by: - 26/02/2018

Lately, we have had some changes made on in order to improve our customers browsing experience. We are still changing some things but the biggest news is our new Spare Parts search system!

How dows it work?

The spare parts used to be handled like single products that you had you file and inquiry about.

The new system handles them like  catalog. Example:

  1. You go to the Spare Parts section of our website.
  2. You choose your brand, let’s say Libec Spare Parts
  3. All the spare parts will be seen on a single page (or pages)
  4. Choose your product and copy the code.
  5. Press the contact button and fill the form
  6. Paste the code into the “Message” field of the contact form and send!

After all this you will be contacted and sent our best price for the spare part you’ve chosen and availability.

You can filter with the internal search bar for the spare sparts: it filter by price, name or code.  It is way easier and faster than what we had before. It allows the our customers to quickly check for the replacement part they need. We are hoping you like this improvement we have made and it makes your browsing experience much better!


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