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AJ-SF100 software is installed onto a PC connected to an LTO drive, BD drive*1 and removable HDD. It lets you archive, search, retrieve and play all P2 files and AVCHD files.*1

Proxy data can be generated and metadata can be edited while archiving. Content can be searched easily by using metadata and proxy video.

Video clips archived on LTO media can be directly played back.

Any desired video segment can be selected and copied to another file. The video segment can be specified with IN/OUT marks added during playback.

AJ-SF100 and AJ-SF110 software bring intelligent archive solutions to the P2 workflow. Using large-capacity, high-speed-transfer Linear Tape-Open (LTO) media, they let you play and retrieve selected segments without having to replicate the LTO media to a hard disk drive (HDD).

They support the ingestion of all P2 files, AVCHD files*1 and VTR footage. *2 Plus, in addition to LTO, they can use Blu-ray Disk (BD)*1 and HDD as storage media, thus allowing the configuration of a flexible system with advanced functions.

*1: Future compatibility planned.
*2: Requires ingesting by AJ-SF110.
*3: Supports only HD: DVCPRO HD, SD: DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO/DV. HDV input and MPEG-TS input are not supported.