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The perfect accessories for your audio and video systems

In our e-commerce you will find the best accessories for professional audio and video systems, we offer a wide range of high quality products, such as audio cables, hdmi video cables, audio and video connectors, adapters, sockets, and much more.

Our audio cables are made with high-quality materials such as oxygen-free copper and multiple shields to ensure crystal-clear and interference-free audio signal transmission. We offer audio cables in different lengths and connectors such as 1/4" jacks, 1/8" jacks, XLR male and female, RCA, and more.

Video cables are equally reliable and high quality. We specialize in high-end HDMI cables that support resolutions up to 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision and other advanced technologies.

Our cases are made of durable materials and offer complete protection against shocks, scratches and damage caused by dust and moisture. Camera mounts, such as tripods and stabilizers, allow for stable, smooth footage while minimizing unwanted camera movement. Hand-held and belt-driven stabilizers, on the other hand, allow you to shoot moving video without sacrificing image stability and fluidity.

You can choose from a wide range of audio and video adapters including jack splitters, XLR adapters, RCA adapters and more. Our video adapters include HDMI splitters, VGA splitters, DVI adapters, and more.

Finally, we offer audio and video jacks such as panel jacks, panel XLR. Our video sockets include panel-mounted HDMI, panel-mounted VGA.

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73,00 €
  • Controls up to five HE50 series cameras.
  • Features pan, tilt, and zoom controls at various speeds.
  • Includes auto focus and iris modes.
  • Allows precise manual focus, iris, and gain adjustments.
  • Enables quick programming and recall of camera presets.
  • Provides access to camera's on-screen menus for remote customization.

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