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Fujinon HD 20x 8.5 BERM Zoom Professional Lens (NO Extender)

2.620,80 €
  • ENG telephoto lens designed for 2/3 " cameras
  • 20x zoom
  • Focal length of 8.5-170 mm
  • Relative aperture between 1: 1.8 between 8.5 mm and 113 mm and 1: 2.7 between 170 mm
  • Fast, quiet and accurate zoom and servo focus
  • Advanced glass properties - reduces the effect of color fringing that occurs due to the failure of a lens to focus all colors at the same point of convergence
  • EBC optical coating ensures high-quality optical transmission
  • Equipped with Fujinon's Inner Focus technology
  • Ideal for use in weddings, places of worship and corporate offices
  • Fujinon 8.5-170mm Specs
  • Format 2/3"
  • Focal Length 8.5-170mm
  • Zoom Ratio 20x
  • Maximum Relative Aperture 1:1.8 from 8.5mm to 113mm / 1:2.7 at 170mm


Fujinon HD 20x 8.5 BERM Zoom Professional Lens with 2x...

3.312,00 €

Fujinon Telephoto 2/3 "ENG HD 20x lens with doubler, digital servo, manual zoom, quick zoom and inner focus.

Focal length from 8.5 to 170mm - 20x with doubler.

Special lens treatment to reduce ghost effect and color aberrations.

The difference between the K1 and K3 models is that the latter have a more innovative and qualitative aberration control system.

The differences can be clearly seen only on high definition systems.

Compatible with Sony ALAC functions


Fujinon HD 20x 6.3 BRM Zoom Professional Lens

3.159,79 €
  • Focal length: 1x 6.3-126mm
  • Zoom ratio 20x
  • Maximum relative aperture (F-no.) 1 : 1.4 (6.3-88mm) / 1 : 2.0 (126mm)
  • Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) from front lens 0.9m
  • Object dimensions at M.O.D. 16 : 9 Aspect ratio
  • 1x 6.3mm 904 x 508mm
  • 126mm 47 x 26mm
  • Angular field of view 16 : 9 Aspect ratio
  • 1x 6.3mm 57°54' x 34°34'
  • 126mm 3°10' x 1°47'
  • Filter thread M82 x 0.75
  • Size (f x Length) f85 x 181.9mm
  • Mass (without lens hood) 1.4kg (RM)

Fujinon Mounting Clamp

Fujinon's MCA-06BC Pan Handle Mounting Clamp for Select Fujinon Digital Demand Units is a split-style clamp that attaches to your tripod handle and allows you to mount an optional Fujinon ERD-10A-D01M digital zoom demand or optional Fujinon EPD-4A-E12A focus demand unit.

Key Features:

Works with ERD-10A-D01M, EPD-4A-E12A

Mounts Optional Demand Unit on Pan Handle

Fujinon Digi Servo Module Hispeed Ivory

2.499,84 €

The Fujinon ESM-D52B is a high speed digital zoom servo module for HDTV broadcast lenses. The unit provides additional zoom accuracy through RS-232 based remote controllers. The high degree of consistency obtained using the module can be useful during critical and repeated zoom operations, most commonly used during sports coverage and other live events.


Fujinon Full Servo Control Kit

8.859,23 €

Fujinon offers a wide variety of digital as well as analogue lens control kits for portable ENG and large box Studio/EFP lenses, all designed to meet the demands of the today's cameraman and - woman for all kinds of productions.


Fujinon 4K 107x 8.4 BESM Box Zoom Broadcast Lens

88.800,00 €

4K broadcast zoom box lens with 2/3" B4 mount, 107x zoom, servo drive unit and low apertures across entire zoom range.

This broadcast box zoom lens is suitable for use on cameras with 2/3 "sensors and B4 lens mount. It is optimized for resolutions up to 4K. High precision large diameter aspherical elements provide very low optical distortion from center image at the corners of the imaging region.


Fujinon 4K 27x 6.5 BERD Tele Zoom Broadcast Lens

45.840,00 €

Fujinon Boxed Premier 4K UHD 27x6.5 B4 Lens with Duplicator (up to 360 mm)

Take advantage of all the quality of a 4K lens with a focal length from 6.5 to 180mm and an aperture of F1.5.

This optic is perfect for studio use thanks to its 6.5mm aperture for news applications and a large variety of programs, also being able to count on the focal doubler that brings the available focal length to 360mm while maintaining quality in a range of excellence.

It also provides position information in a range of 16 bits.


Fujinon 4K 14x 4.5 BERD Wide Angle Zoom Broadcast Lens

19.800,00 €

Fujinon ENG-style 4K lens with zoom servo and doubler

4.5 to 63 mm lens for 2/3 "cameras

14x zoom ratio and 2x extender

Maximum aperture f / 1.8 from 4.5 to 41 mm

Manual / servo focus

The ENG-style Fujinon 4K UA14x4.5 BERD lens with zoom servo and doubler is a 4.5 to 63mm zoom lens, designed to support 4K and provide 2/3 "cameras with an ultra wide angle. lens has a zoom ratio of 14x and when you insert the integrated 2x extension you double the focal length range.The maximum aperture is a fast f / 1.8 from 4.5 to 41mm and rises to f / 2.8 to 63 mm It is equipped with a digital servo for zoom control and the focus can be manual or servo controlled.

Innerfocus minimizes the "breathing" effects of the lens, ensuring a more precise viewing angle when making focus adjustments. QuickZoom improves the zoom speed to 0.7 seconds from start to finish. With the push of a button, QuickZoom allows a quick shift to telephoto to control focus. When the button is released, the lens automatically returns to the previously selected focal length.

4.5 to 63mm wide to telephoto for 2/3 "cameras

14x zoom ratio and 2.2x extension

Maximum aperture f / 1.8 from 4.5 to 41 mm and f / 2.8 to 63 mm

Zoom servo control

Innerfocus and QuickZoom


Fujinon 4K 18x 5.5 BERD Standard Zoom Broadcast Lens

20.328,00 €

The Fujinon 4K UA18x5.5 BERD ENG-Style Lens with Servo Zoom and Doubler is a 5.5 to 100mm zoom lens, designed to support 4K origination and provide 2/3" cameras with an ultra-wide-to-telephoto angle of view. The lens has an 18x zoom ratio, and when you engage the built-in 2x extender you double the focal length range. The maximum aperture is a fast f/1.8 from 5.5 to 63mm and ramps to f/2.8 at 100mm. The HA18x5.5BERD features a digital servo for zoom control, and focus can be either manual- or servo-controlled.

Key Features:

• 5.5 to 100mm Lens for 2/3" Cameras

• 18x Zoom Ratio and 2x Extender

• Fast f/1.8 Max Aperture from 5.5 to 62mm

• Manual/Servo Focus

• Servo Zoom


Fujinon 4K 18x 7.6 BERD Standard Zoom Broadcast Lens

11.877,69 €

Capture sports, news, and outdoor ENG footage with the UHD 4K 7.6-137mm f/1.8 ENG Zoom Lens with 2x Extender & S10 Drive from Fujinon, a 7.6 to 137mm zoom lens offering 4K capture in a lightweight, compact form. This wide-to-telephoto 18x zoom doubles to 48x or 15.2 to 274mm when you engage its built-in 2x extender. The lens now comes with the updated S10 drive unit, which features even smoother performance, new firmware, more precise focus/zoom/iris control, minimal focus breathing, and automatic calibration.

Key Features

4K optical performance in a compact, lightweight design

Updated S10 drive unit features smooth performance, new firmware, more precise focus/zoom/iris control, minimal focus breathing, automatic calibration, and a 16-bit high-resolution encoder

7.6 to 137mm ultrawide-to-telephoto lens for 2/3" cameras

15.2 to 274mm range with included 2x extender

New ergonomic digital grip

18x zoom ratio

Fast f/1.8 max aperture from 7.6 to 137mm

16-bit encoding for virtual system use


Fujinon 4K 22x 8 BERD Standard Zoom Broadcast Lens

22.704,00 €

UA22x8BERD is a portable broadcast zoom lens with optical performance compatible with 2/3" format 4K cameras. Covering the focal length from 8mm in wide angle to 176mm in telephoto, the lightweight and compact lens excels in handling versatile situations including live sport coverage, indoor / outdoor program production and news reporting.

The floating focus system, which controls multiple lens groups according to the shooting distance, delivers high resolution and high contrast images from close-up to infinity, enabling 4K video production with a high realistic sensation and premium picture quality.

Focal length 8.0-176mm with 2x doubler

Aperture 1: 1.8 (8-124mm) 1: 2.55 (176mm)

Weight 2.55 Kg


Fujinon 4K 23x 7.6 BERD Standard Zoom Broadcast Lens

16.632,00 €

Capture sports, news and ENG movies outdoors with Fujinon's UA23x7.6BERD 4K UHD 7.6 to 175mm f / 1.8 23x ENG zoom lens, a 7.6 to 175mm zoom lens that delivers capture 4K in a light and compact form. This 23x wide-angle to telephoto lens magnifies 15.2-350mm when activating its built-in 2x extender. The UA23x7.6BERD digital servo features a well-balanced design for manual use, 16-bit encoding for virtual system use, and a wide aperture for smooth, natural bokeh.

Features include a zoom limit with an override switch, selectable zoom modes, a zoom speed cruise function and an adjustable maximum speed limit. The UA23x7.6BERD Premier 4K Series 4K Zoom features an updated ergonomic handle and offers smooth gearing for precise servo control and serial digital control of focus, iris and zoom.

4K optical performance in a compact and lightweight design

7.6 to 175mm ultra-wide angle to telephoto lens for 2/3 "cameras.

Range from 15.2 to 350mm with 2x extender included

New ergonomic digital handle

18x zoom ratio

Fast maximum aperture f / 1.8 from 7.6 to 175 mm

16-bit encryption for virtual system use

4K UHD compatible resolution

F / 1.8 aperture, 23x zoom, 2x extender

Suitable for news and sports coverage

It weighs 4.3 lbs


Fujinon 4K 24x 7.8 BERD Standard Zoom Broadcast Lens

20.856,00 €

The UA24X7.8BERD UHD 4K 24x ENG Zoom from Fujinon is a 7.8 to 187mm zoom lens offering 4K capture in a lightweight, compact form. This wide-to-telephoto 24x zoom doubles to 48x or 15.6 to 374mm when you engage its built-in 2x extender. The maximum aperture is a fast f/1.8 from 7.8 to 118mm and ramps to f/2.8 through 187mm. The digital-servo UA24X7.8BERD features a well-balanced design for handheld use, 16-bit encoding for virtual system use, and a nine-blade aperture for smooth, natural bokeh.

Key Features:

• 7.8-187mm Lens for 2/3" Cameras

• 4K+ Compatible Resolution

• 24x Zoom Ratio & 2x Extender

• Fast f/1.8 Max Aperture at 7.8-118mm

• 9-Blade Aperture

• 16-Bit Encoders for Virtual Systems

• Digital Servo for Focus and Zoom

• QuickZoom Focus Check Feature

• Compact, Lightweight Design

What's Included?

• Fujinon UA24X7.8BERD UHD 4K 24x ENG Zoom

• Lens Hood


Fujinon HD 55x 9.5 BESM Box Zoom Broadcast Lens

47.323,58 €

The Fujinon 9.5-525mm f/1.7-2.9 2/3" Bayonet EFP Box Lens is a high zoom ratio lens that lends itself to covering sporting events and other large-scale productions. Its 55x zoom range can extend from normal to super-telephoto focal lengths. The 2x Extender doubles your focal length to achieve tighter framing on your subject.

The box housing is specially designed to prevent fogging of the lens elements during changes in temperature or humidity allowing the lens to be used outdoors in inclement weather conditions. In addition to being weather sealed, this lens is secured against dust and other small particles that might harm the lens.

Since the lens incorporates Fujinon's DigiPower Digital Servo technology, it can provide precise, repeatable digital control from studio paint boxes, PC's, and traditional analog controls. Digipower also permits setting custom speeds for zoom and focus, zoom limiting, and other servo parameters. Diagnostics and advanced controls can also be accessed via an RS-232 port.

This lens includes a support bracket for mounting to ENG style cameras without the usual need for a "hard" mount.


Fujinon HD 77x 9.5 BESM Box Zoom Broadcast Lens

56.952,00 €

The XA77x9.5 telephoto field lens sets the bar for price/performance. Perfect for large venues and sporting events. The XA77x9.5 comes standard with Optical Stabilization. Exclusive anti-fogging design minimizes lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture. Featuring newly developed EBC coating to reduce ghosts and flare, and increases light transmission.

All digital controls present a wide variety of options and features. From full servo to full manual, an assortment of operator controls is available. The digital architecture provides accurate and configurable control. Full remote control via RS-232 serial data port is possible. 16 bit encoder output is standard for virtual applications. Newly developed built-in diagnostics will help provide uninterrupted service.


Fujinon HD 99x 8.4 BESM Box Zoom Broadcast Lens

75.600,00 €

The XA99x8.4 ultra-wide field production lens offers a zoom range of 99x, a focal length of 8.4 to 832mm, and MOD of 2.9m. The XA99x is f1.7 to 341mm and f4.2 at 832mm. Like other lenses in this product line, including the XA77x9.5, XA88x8.8, XA8812.5 and the XA101x8.9, the XA99x8.4 offers FUJINON?s DIGI POWER digital controls (featuring F number limit), Quick Zoom, two-shot presets, a 2X extender, and other precision digital functions increasing production flexibility.

The XA99x Ultra Wide is outstanding in its class because it combines high-performance imaging, a long zoom reach, and an ultra-wide angle. It?s extremely rugged, versatile, and reliable, this telephoto zoom lens is ideal for even the most demanding live sports production.

The XA99x8.4 features a newly developed patented image stabilization technology for rock-steady performance, which is especially critical for long-distance HD shots. High-resolution 16-bit encoders are standard, making it suitable to virtual, robotic, and digital signage, among other applications. FUJINON?s exclusive GO-Technology improves image resolution and chromatic aberrations at all focal lengths.

This 2/3-inch telephoto field lens employs the latest High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) resulting in richer colors and greatly improved blue response and transmittance. HT-EBC coupled with FUJINON?s exclusive Aspheric Technology reduce ghost and flare and increase light transmission. A proprietary anti-fogging design minimizes lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture?a critical concern when shooting in all types of weather conditions.

XA - 2/3" Sensor Format

99x - Zoom Ratio

8.4 - Focal length at wide end

B - Bayonet mount

E - (2x) Extender

SM - Interchangeable Servo / Manual Module

T - Designated Field Lens with OS-TECH


Fujinon HD 14x 4.5 BERD Wide Angle Zoom Broadcast Lens

17.336,30 €

The Fujinon HA14X4.5BERD-S HD ENG/EPF Super Wide Angle Lens supports 2/3" format cameras and offers features such as Quickzoom and Zoom Limit. Inner focusing allows the lens to move the inner lens group without altering its length, thereby ensuring stability while focusing. With the cruise zoom feature, you can set the speed to ensure a constant zoom speed.

For precise focusing, the lens with 3-mode fine focus feature shifts the sensitivity from the wide side to the telephoto side of the focus range. Zoom, focus, and iris can be controlled using a remote control via serial digital link for digital accuracy. The Digi Zoom Demand plugs into the lens remote connector located on the underside of the lens servo module and provides zoom speed control, one-shot preset, Quickzoom, focus or iris control, VTR, and return video.

In addition to a 14x zoom ratio and 2.2x extender, the HA14X4.5BERD-S lens offers Digi-power servo for production and other applications requiring high optical quality. The super wide-angle lens provides a focal length of 4.5-63mm (1x) / 9.9 - 138mm (2 x 0.2) and a maximum relative aperture of 1:1.8 (4.5-41mm) / 1:2.8 (63mm). With a minimum object distance of 0.3 m and a filter size of 127mm (P = 0.75), the lens offers a QuickFrame option and can provide macro/close-up images.


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