Blackmagic Studio Converter

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  • For Studio Camera 4K Pro
  • Single 10G Ethernet Cable to Camera
  • Powers Camera via PoE
  • Breakout of Video, Audio & Talkback


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Blackmagic professional Studio Converter

Experience the advantages of using an affordable 10G Ethernet cable instead of SMPTE fiber when working with the Blackmagic Design Studio 4K Pro camera and Studio Converter.

Utilize the power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities of your camera to both power it and transmit video, audio, and talkback signals through a single Ethernet cable, streamlining your cable setup.

The Studio Converter comes with a built-in power supply that offers more than enough power for your camera. It also serves as a hub for connecting various cables from the camera, including converting camera and program return feeds to SDI. This simplifies the process of integrating your camera into the studio environment by requiring only a single Ethernet cable connection to your machine room.

Additionally, two Studio Converters can be conveniently mounted side by side in a rack using an optional rack shelf, minimizing the space required in your equipment rack.

SDI rates

The Blackmagic professional video converter can connect 2 video sources and 2 video destinations without any interruptions. This device makes sure that your signal is sent well and works well, no matter if you use 1. 5G, 3G, 6G, or 12G SDI rates. Also, it has a SDI monitor output so you can easily watch your video.

This High-resolution converter can connect to different types of audio using SDI cables. This has 2 audio channels in 1 cable. It also has 4 talkback channels on channels 13-16. Furthermore, it has a return signal that contains two audio channels combined in a 1. 5G/3G/6G/12G-SDI These tools make it easy to talk and keep an eye on things in your recording space.


Sound is very important in making a movie, show or event, and the Blackmagic professional video converter can handle all of your audio needs. It can take 2 different kinds of audio from a special plug, so you can use all your sound equipment together smoothly. This device has a big hole where you can plug in your headphones to listen to your audio stuff really well.

The Blackmagic Studio Converter helps keep timecodes in sync by using special connections. You can connect both devices accurately. It has connections to BNC in and out which help to make sure everything is synchronized in your production.

SDI Audio

The device can talk to you very well. SDI channels 13 and 14 are used for engineers to talk to each other, while channels 15 and 16 are used for production staff to talk to each other. This thing has a connector that lets you talk to people in your studio using a different system. It all works together really well.


The Blackmagic High-resolution video converter has a small screen where you can easily see and control your work. It's small and easy to understand, so it makes things easier to use and helps you manage your work better.

This device has a special connection for cameras that can send and receive data at a very fast speed. It is made to work with a certain type of network cable. The device has a special place to connect to the internet so it can connect to your network and be updated easily.

The Blackmagic Studio Converter can now connect to computers with a USB-C port, making it easier to use with different devices.

blackmagic converter

To summarize, the Blackmagic Studio Converter helps make your studio work easier and gives you high-quality results. It's the best solution for professionals. This machine is special because it can connect to many different things, has great sound, can keep really accurate timing, and is easy to use. It will make a big difference in the industry. Enjoy smooth communication and monitoring with an all-inclusive talkback audio feature. You can keep track of your production with a small 2. 2-inch LCD screen that gives you complete control. The Blackmagic Studio Converter makes it easy to connect cameras and computers. It has a special connector for cameras and an Ethernet port. You can also use a USB-C cable to connect it to your computer. Make your studio better with the Blackmagic Studio Converter and improve your video production in a big way. You can work faster, have more control, and make even better videos. Take your studio to the next level and unlock your creativity with this amazing gadget.

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