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Blackmagic Compositing Processor Ultimatte 12 HD

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  • Product Name: Blackmagic Compositing Processor Ultimatte 12 HD
  • Up to 1080p60 via 3G-SDI BNC
  • SD/HD/3G-SDI Support
  • 1-Touch Keying, Advanced Compositing
  • Works with Ultimatte Smart Remote 4
  • USB I/O: 1 x USB-C 3.0 / 3.1/3.2 Gen 1 Female Input
  • Video I/O: 2 x BNC (3G-SDI) Input, 2 x BNC (3G-SDI) Output, 1 x BNC (3G-SDI) Loop Output
  • Power Source: AC Input
  • AC Input Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 15 W

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Blackmagic Ultimatte 12 HD: the advanced real time compositing processor

The Blackmagic Compositing Processor Ultimatte 12 HD is the ultimate solution for high-quality compositing and keying. With the SKU ULTMKEY12/B/HD, this powerful tool is designed to deliver exceptional results for professional video production.

The Ultimatte 12 HD is equipped with advanced algorithms and professional technology that allow you to seamlessly integrate live-action footage with virtual backgrounds and graphics. It features a 12G-SDI input and output, making it compatible with a wide range of video formats and resolutions. This compositing processor is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its intuitive interface and user-friendly controls. You can quickly adjust settings such as color correction, edge detail, and spill suppression to achieve the perfect key. Plus, the Ultimatte 12 HD offers real-time processing, so you can see your changes in real-time and make adjustments on the fly.

Whether you're working on a feature film, a TV show, or a commercial, the Blackmagic Compositing Processor Ultimatte 12 HD is the perfect tool for achieving seamless compositing and keying. With its advanced features and intuitive controls, you can create stunning visual effects that will captivate your audience and take your production to the next level.

SDI Video Inputs

Five SDI video inputs are provided by the Blackmagic Compositing Processor Ultimatte 12 HD, providing you the freedom to receive feeds from several video sources at once. It is therefore perfect for intricate projects that use many video streams. The ability to handle numerous sources simultaneously increases with the number of inputs, which improves your capacity to produce dynamic and compelling composite images.

SDI Video Outputs

This device enables you to concurrently transfer your final composite video to many locations thanks to its four SDI video outputs. This could include various broadcasting platforms, recorders, or real-time watching displays. This feature boosts the device's adaptability and gives you more alternatives for how to present your finished product.

SDI Video Loop Outputs

One SDI video loop output is also included in the device. With the use of this feature, a signal may be sent from one device to another without any loss in signal quality. The signal is protected throughout this procedure by the reclocked SD or HD camera foreground (FG) function, which makes sure it keeps its integrity and quality. This is crucial in contexts where professional pictures are of the utmost importance.

SDI Rates

The Ultimatte 12 HD can handle a broad range of video transmission speeds with SDI rates of 270Mb, 1.5G, and 3G. This implies that it can support all types of transmissions, including 3G and high-definition ones. Due to its adaptability, it can work with a variety of video sources and broadcasting standards.

Video Input Re-Sync

All inputs on the Ultimatte 12 HD include video input re-sync. All incoming video feeds are automatically synced by this function to ensure that they all exactly align at the same moment. This is essential for preventing visual artifacts and ensuring a smooth visual experience when integrating several video sources into a single composite image.

Reference Connections

The device offers 1 x BNC in and 1 x BNC out reference connections. These connections allow you to synchronize the device with a reference signal, such as Tri-Sync or Black Burst, to ensure that all your equipment operates in perfect synchronization. This feature is critical in professional video production environments to ensure smooth and coherent video playback.


Featuring a DE15 GPIO connection, the Ultimatte 12 HD offers interfacing options for controlling the device or integrating it into a larger system. This general-purpose input/output port can be used to connect the device with various peripherals or other devices, providing greater flexibility in how you set up and control your production environment.


The Ultimatte 12 HD supports up to 1Gb/s Ethernet connections. This feature is used for device control and for loading stills into the Media Pool. This high-speed connection ensures quick and responsive device control and allows for the rapid transfer of images into the Media Pool, enhancing your productivity and efficiency in producing composite visuals.

Computer Interface

The device features a USB-C 3.0 interface, used for device configuration and software updates. This means you can easily connect it to a computer for initial setup, making changes to configuration, or keeping the device's software up-to-date. The use of USB-C ensures a fast and reliable connection, simplifying these processes and ensuring that your Ultimatte 12 HD always operates at its best.

For any professional video production setup, the Blackmagic Compositing Processor Ultimatte 12 HD is a strong, adaptable, and dependable tool. It is a key tool for building engaging composite pictures due to its wide range of input and output possibilities, strong signal synchronization skills, and high-speed interface. The Ultimatte 12 HD provides the technological power and freedom to realize your creative dreams, whether you're broadcasting live events, making a television program, or developing visual effects for movies. Invest in the Ultimatte 12 HD to benefit from the superior performance and quality that Blackmagic is known for.

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