Reference: SWATEMSCN4/1ME4/8K

Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher

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10.074,75 €

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  • 40 x 12G-SDI Inputs, 2 x 12G-SDI Outputs
  • 24 x 12G-SDI AUX Outputs
  • Standards Converter on Each Input
  • 4 x DVE, 16 x Keyers


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Blackmagic Constellation ATEM 8K Switcher

The Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K switcher with SKU SWATEMSCN4/1ME4/8K is a powerful video mixer production switcher in a 2 RU chassis designed to handle multiple video and audio sources in real time. The device is intended for live event production, such as concerts, sports events, and theatrical performances.

The Blackmagic ATEM Constellation video switcher 8K is a powerful and versatile audio video mixer designed to elevate your live video productions and switcher live streaming experiences.

This blackmagic video switcher boasts advanced features and capabilities, making it the perfect choice for professionals in the broadcasting. The ATEM Blackmagic Constellation 8K video Switcher for streaming offers unparalleled connectivity options, ensuring seamless integration with multiple video sources and destinations. Additionally, the blackmagic atem switcher supports 8K video processing, providing the highest level of video quality for your productions. Discover the ultimate in video mixing and switcher streaming with the Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher, your gateway to professional-quality live video content.

Key Features

  • 40 inputs with 12G-SDI connections
  • 2 outputs with 12G-SDI connections
  • 24 auxiliary outputs with 12G-SDI connections
  • Standards converter available on each of the inputs
  • 4 digital video effects (DVE) and 16 keyers
  • 4 media players
  • 4 multiview outputs
  • Includes a built-in LCD view screen
  • Control can be done through the front panel or Ethernet
  • Includes a built-in Fairlight audio mixer
  • Talkback connectors available on both the front and rear panels

Customizable SDI Input/Output 

The Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher is a state-of-the-art audio video mixer and switcher streaming solution that boasts an impressive array of SDI inputs and outputs. Designed for professional live streaming video productions, this blackmagic switcher features 40 12G-SDI inputs, allowing you to effortlessly connect multiple video sources, such as cameras and computers, for versatile video mixing capabilities.

Additionally, the 24 12G-SDI outputs provide a wide range of routing options for multi-format broadcasting, recording, and live streaming. The ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher offers exceptional integration with various video sources and destinations, ensuring a seamless and high-quality production experience. Take your video production to the next level with the Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K Switcher's extensive SDI input and output capabilities.


Full front panel control

The Blackmagic ATEM video switcher for live streaming features a sophisticated panel control, designed to deliver an efficient and user-friendly experience for all your video mixer and switcher streaming needs. This blackmagic switcher boasts an intuitive control panel layout, providing quick access to essential functions such as cut, auto, and fade-to-black transitions, as well as a T-bar for smooth manual transitions. The built-in LCD screen offers real-time feedback and monitoring, giving you complete control over your live video production.

Additionally, the panel control includes customizable macros and key settings, allowing you to optimize your workflow and concentrate on creating high-quality content. Enhance your video mixing and switcher streaming capabilities with the unparalleled control provided by the Blackmagic ATEM switcher's panel control.

panel control Blackmagic ATEM Switcher

Switching effects

This blackmagic switcher delivers a wide array of switching effects, allowing you to create dynamic and visually engaging content. With features such as cut, mix, and fade-to-black transitions, you can easily switch between sources to keep your audience captivated. Furthermore, the ATEM Switcher Constellation 8K  includes advanced chroma keying, DVE capabilities, and customizable macros, enabling you to create compelling visual effects that enhance your live productions. Elevate your video mixing and switcher streaming projects with the impressive switching effects of the Blackmagic video Switcher ATEM Constellation 8K.

The Blackmagic video switcher for streaming incorporates a comprehensive multiview feature with labels, tally, and meters. This blackmagic switcher ensures that you have complete control and visibility over your live production, enabling you to monitor multiple video sources simultaneously. The multiview output displays up to 64 customizable views, complete with labels for easy identification, tally indicators for on-air status, and audio meters for real-time audio level monitoring. This powerful feature allows you to keep a close eye on all aspects of your live production, ensuring smooth and professional video mixing and switching. Enhance your live video production capabilities with the advanced multiview functionality of the Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K switcher.

In conclusion, the Blackmagic ATEM Constellation 8K audio video switcher is a revolutionary video mixer designed to provide professional-grade video production capabilities for both live events and broadcast applications. This highly versatile blackmagic switcher boasts a range of powerful features, including 8K resolution support, 40 independent 12G-SDI inputs, 24 independent 12G-SDI outputs, and 4 advanced chroma keyers.

Its built-in Fairlight audio mixer ensures pristine audio quality, while the switcher streaming capabilities offer seamless integration with popular streaming platforms. With its impressive specifications and unparalleled performance, the ATEM Constellation 8K audio video mixer is truly the ultimate solution for today's dynamic and demanding video production landscape.

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Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Constellation HD

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  • Up to 40 3G-SDI inputs with standard conversion
  • Up to 24 customisable 3G-SDI outputs
  • Up to 4 independent multiviews with configurable screen
  • DVE and stinger transitions
  • Up to 4 DVEs
  • Professional talkback compatible with ClearCom and RTS
  • Internal archive for stills and motion graphics
  • New ATEM Advanced Chroma Key included
  • 4 primary ATEM Advanced Chroma Keys per M/E for green/blue screen
  • Up to 4 independent DVEs
  • 3G-SDI multi-rate for all HD TV standards, including 720p, 1080i and 1080p
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Expected availability: 5/7 days


Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Constellation HD

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  • Model: Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Constellation HD
  • Supports 3G/HD-SDI at 10-Bit
  • Up to 16-Multiview Monitoring Windows
  • 20 x 3G-SDI Inputs, 12 x 3G-SDI Outputs
  • Webcam Output via USB Type-C
  • Available M/E Layers 2 M/E
  • Switching Type Pushbutton, Software
  • Latency 10 Lines
  • Color Processing 10-Bit 4:2:2
  • Display Size 2.2"
  • Rack Form Factor 1 RU
  • Dimensions 19 x 7.16 x 1.74" / 48.3 x 18.19 x 4.42 cm

Expected availability: 5/7 days

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